SPB TV Survey 2014

SPB TV is introducing the results of its annual OTT TV audience Survey. The study is dedicated to tracking the OTT TV development, changing viewers’ behavior, and defining prospective monetization opportunities.

In 2014, SPB TV surveyed a sample of 50,000 respondents in Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Ukraine, and some other countries.

Key Findings include:

OTT TV adoption moving on

  • Typical OTT TV viewers are 21 to 39 years old. As much as one third of them are female. For OTT TV it’s a big step from an exciting internet-based technology to convenient, enjoyable and commonly used way to access video content.
  • OTT TV audience is engaging with the service regularly (up to several times a day) and for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Most wanted – news, linear TV and movies

  • The most demanded OTT content types is news, closely followed by free live TV channels (linear streaming). Then follow free short videos, movies on-demand, and live events broadcast (sports and concerts).

No need for “second screen”

  • Viewers prefer not to switch screens while watching; second-screen apps might bring additional distractions, especially during commercial breaks.
  • Interactivity can be realized in the best way by integrating the “first screen” with a careful control of timing, so that it doesn’t distract the viewers but indeed enriches the experience.

Hybrid model – make everyone happy

  • There is a 50/50 split between those who value quality of experience and are ready to pay for it and those who seek a cost-effective solution. The hybrid model allows for satisfying the needs of both user groups.
  • Advertisement placement is an effective revenue generating tool for a free, partly free or relatively inexpensive OTT TV services.