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26 November

Карманный оператор

По данным Cisco к 2016 году доля видео в трафике, передаваемом по Интернету, достигнет 90%. Очевидно, что значительную часть в этом потоке будут занимать не только ролики с YouTube, но и видеоконтент OTT-сервисов и мобильных приложений.

26 July

SPB TV: centinaia di canali televisivi in streaming, ora anche su Windows Phone

SPB TV arriva su Windows Phone direttamente nella sua versione 3.0, capace da subito di offrire funzionalità molto interessanti quali la preview dei canali, la modalità picture-in-picture mode, una guida TV integrata e molto altro.

26 July

SPB TV: with Picture-in-Picture mode for Windows Phone

It’s nice to see SPB TV supporting Windows Phone, it has recently been bumped up to version 3.0.

26 June

3D on 3 Screens

SPB TV, a provider of technology solutions for mobile and OTT TV, has unveiled its “3×3″ Universal Media Solution for 3D and regular 2D video delivery and playback across all screens and platforms.

26 June

Mobile users more into watching mobile TV - survey

Mobile subscribers spend more time watching mobile TV, and mobile TV is seeing robust demand for service quality, according to a survey conducted by SPB TV. The survey polled 47,000 respondents from different countries, targeting mobile TV users and people interested in the topic.

26 May

The Top 10 Russian internet brands out to conquer the world

Russian versions of global brands are outstripping the market leaders, thanks to targetted local market knowledge, massive internet growth and a reticence of “western” brands to target the territory. The Russian internet scene is still ripe for more expansion – we take a look at the the 10 new Russian internet brands that are striving to outstrip global players…

26 April

SPB TV на iPad

Часто пользователи задаются вопросами о просмотре видео на iPad. И для многих это является важной составляющей не только при повседневном использовании планшета, но и непосредственно перед его покупкой.

26 March

SPB turnkey mobile TV solution targets operators

The newly released SPB TV Mobile Operators Solution marries SPB's server- and client-side Mobile Network Operator (MNO) software to provide carriers with an end-to-end mobile TV system at a low cost in bandwidth.

26 February

SPB TV introduces three screens TV solution

SPB TV, operating under the SPB TV brand, has announced the launch of the SPB TV solution for three screens, enabling operators to deliver TV to their subscribers across all devices.

26 February

6 TV Apps for Android

TV apps for Android seem to be the need of the hour, considering that most of us are able to spend much more time with these mini gadgets rather than our beloved television sets

26 January

Top 10 Apps to Watch TV on Android

PB TV seems to have everything a good TV streaming app should have…