With SPB TV, television is wherever you want it.
Software-defined video solutions open a new era of increased agility and secured investments for telecom operators and media companies. With SPB TV, you will be ready to launch an engaging OTT service for video and live TV channels streaming in just one month.

SPB TV for Telcos

SPB TV for operators

Bring ‘smarter’ and more valuable service to your subscribers – offer them the ultimate entertainment – an OTT TV service with multi-screen reach. With SPB TV on board, you can leverage your network infrastructure and optimize your current OTT-investments. Offer your subscribers the instant access to the content seamlessly flowing across time, location and device. The solution is packed with the most advanced personalization and content discovery features, as well as user experience management and business development tools.

SPB TV for broadcasters

SPB TV for Broadcasters and Media Companies

Expand the scope of your video services and reach more subscribers by delivering media content across all screens, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. Give your audience what they value most: high quality content and the freedom to select when and where to watch it. It brings revolutionary opportunities to increase the amount of time that people spend watching linear TV channels and video on demand. Targeted video ads and promotional offers ensure monetization of the service.

Business Benefits

  • The flawless content management and distribution

    With SPB TV you can manage households and individual users; live and VOD, free and premium DRM-protected content; Smart TVs, set-top boxes, dongles, PCs, and mobile devices – all from a single headend and convenient administration hub.

  • Effective encoding and reliable streaming

    SPB TV features effective software and hardware transcoding algorithms for unsurpassed video compression. It allows for processing 4K and 8K, as well as bringing Full HD video to mobile devices through limited networks.

  • TV anywhere, on any device

    Mobile viewing is growing, and so are the sales of Smart TVs. With SPB TV, you can deliver your video to whichever devices your viewers use. Smart TVs, set-top boxes, TV dongles, game consoles, PC, mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen) – you name it, we’ve got it.

  • Innovative monetization technologies – targeted in-stream ad replacement

    SPB TV supports pre-roll ad insertion and in-stream ad replacement. SPB TV uses its own video advertisement recognition technology and doesn’t require any data from the TV channels to replace original commercials with new targeted ads. The system collects detailed information about the users, their viewing habits and profiles, and provides targeting parameters for highly-effective promotional campaigns.

  • Business Intelligence and reporting engine

    SPB TV Business Intelligence System is a comprehensive reporting service that allows to track TV watching sessions, collect and analyze complete statistical data about the subscribers, including the location, the devices utilized, his/her content preferences, and more.

  • User-centered system

    “One-size-fits-all” TV is losing its popularity. More and more users prefer customized TV packages, a combination of linear TV with on-demand content and flexible subscription models. With SPB TV technologies, the service is fully adaptable. It’s up to you to create a compelling and unique user experience that other pay-TV formats will never be able to provide.

  • Personal TV

    Every SPB TV viewer has a personal profile that accumulates all the data about his or her demographics, watch and purchase history, selected content, and so on. Based on this and other data, SPB TV develops personalized content recommendations and adjusts video browsing and search.

Products for OTT / IPTV solution

  • SPB TV Rosing

    With the new ultimate OTT / IPTV Platform, you will be ready to launch an engaging OTT service for video and live TV channel streaming in just one month. Offer your subscribers consistently high quality video, unsurpassed ease of operation and a rich set of additional functions.

  • SPB TV Home

    Discover a splendid graphical user interface and impressive performance with the ultimate solution for in-home TV viewing – SPB TV Home. Ready to market solution is fully integrated with SPB TV Media Platform and includes a TV-box and a remote control unit.


Big Digit 2018

Best Platform for IP TV & OTT TV, Winner

Big Digit 2017

The best set-top box for OTT and hybrid receiving, Winner


"Given the growing interest to video services in Runet, we have launched а unique and comprehensive product. We are sure that our audience will love the anticipated series collected for Amediateka from the best producers worldwide, and our partner SPB TV will develop the high-quality and user-friendly OTT video service based on their longstanding experience."

Vitaly Studitskih
CEO of Amedia TV, Amedia

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