SPB TV for Mobile TV

Give your subscribers the most compelling and socially enriched television in a user-friendly interface, available right from their mobile devices. Provide your subscribers with access to their favorite films, TV series and programs on their mobile phone or tablet and they will never think about swapping to another operator.

  • Rapidly launch and maintain mobile TV service in networks with different QoS levels
  • Cover all existing mobile platforms
  • Engage subscribers with compelling viewing experience and the best in class UI
  • Connect with subscribers and monetize the service via advanced advertising features

Turnkey service provided by a single supplier

Turn-key service provided by a single supplier

SPB TV offers comprehensive technological solutions for the launch and continued support of Mobile TV services over any network. The solution is based on cloud technologies and includes server side support for video broadcasting, a client program offering a convenient interface for users to interact with the service and advanced middleware services.

An interface that users genuinely enjoy

The system includes a convenient mobile app with an attractive design and rich functionality, providing a pleasant viewing experience of live channels as well as video on demand.

Cross-platform experience

The SPB TV app is optimized for all mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, bada, Maemo, Windows Mobile and WebOS.

Reliable performance under changing network conditions

When working with mobile networks, it is important to take into account the frequency and magnitude of variations in bandwidth capacity. In order to avoid dropouts, pauses and re-buffering of videos, SPB TV supports all modern technologies in adaptive broadcasting: RTSP, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and MPEG-DASH. This ensures smooth playback on all subscriber devices.

Choose the experts

Choose the experts

SPB TV Mobile TV Solution guarantees an unmatched level of service quality. SPB TV has been working in the field of mobile TV since 2007. It was first to introduce the most innovative technologies and constantly conducts extensive research among users of mobile TV to identify what they consider to be the most important performance and service parameters.

SPB TV end-user Mobile TV service has more than 60 million users.
  • Turn-Key Solution in a Cloud or Flexible Modules System

    SPB TV Mobile Solution can be provided in a cloud-based hosted architecture that helps to significantly reduce time to market and implementation costs. While a modular structure makes solution very flexible and easy to deploy into existing infrastructure, reconfigure to follow requirements, and extend to support growing business needs.

  • User authorization and Content Management

    SPB TV Solution includes comprehensive content management system, allowing the TV operator to ingest and manage channels, form subscription packages, arrange promos and more. The authentication and access control ensures content protection on all mobile devices. The solution can be also integrated with DRM-systems.

  • Support and Training

    SPB TV experts provide the operator’s team with the training needed to maintain the service and successfully fulfill manage and control functions. As for the users, SPB TV offers 24/7 technical support to help them to deal with all possible issues quickly and efficiently.


Content Aggregation

SPB TV can help operators to collect the best TV content from the world leading broadcasters and create the most effective channels offering.

Interactive Elements

The solution can be enhanced with ‘second-screen’ functions, enabling viewers to interact with video content and control their entertainment experience: rate the videos, participate in voting, post comments and more.

Social Networks Integration

Social networks integration will enable TV service operators to enrich viewing experience, allowing subscribers to chat with friends in social networks while watching TV shows, and quickly switch the channels following their friends’ recommendations.


"We have done an extensive research into the market before launching MTS TV and evaluated many mobile TV solutions to power our new service. What differentiates SPB TV solution from other offerings is a quality of mobile TV watching experience it provides across all mobile devices. SPB solution includes features that make mobile TV watching very natural. The collaboration with SPB TV will allow us to fulfill the expectations of MTS subscribers on the highest level."

Pavel Roytberg
Internet Projects Director, MTS Group, MTS

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