Interactive TV

Imagine TV as a responsive interactive environment where you can request and immediately get an additional data, take part in quizzes and contests and win a prize, order products and services on the one and only screen. And all this without interrupting your viewing pleasure or having to switch to another device.

  • For smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs
  • Cross-interaction for consumers, content owners and brands
  • An opportunity to immediate purchase
  • Customizable Interactive features
Interactive TV — it's time to swap from monologue to dialogue

Interactive TV


Suggest your viewers an interactive product placement which allows ordering goods in real time.
Add personal approach! Choose a specific audience for each promo based on multiple targeting parameters, including behavior patterns.


Do you know the right answer? Let your audience participate in quizzes, contests, drawings, and surveys. They will feel the true value of victory when they bet, risk and win!

Interactive TV


SPB TV Interactive TV is precisely addressable and measurable: the right message to the right audience at the right time … and with immediate feedback.


Why search the internet for information concerning the upcoming match, your favorite team or players? All the info about the athletes, actors, directors and much, much more will be directly available to users right at their fingertips.

Other Solutions

  • OTT / IPTV

    IP and OTT TV for mobile, PC and TV
  • Mobile TV

    Telcos and Broadcast players
  • Content Store

    Deliver content to multi-screen audience and engage millions of subscribers.