What We Do

SPB TV IP/OTT TV solutions enable network operators, TV providers, content owners and broadcasters to deliver high quality video services to the subscribers across mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and Internet enabled televisions. Solutions integrate all necessary components for fast and cost-effective launch of the multi-format IP/OTT TV service from scratch, while advanced subscription and advertising tools provide reliable opportunities for monetization.

  • OTT / IPTV

    SPB TV Multi-screen Solution is a smart turn-key solution for multi-screen IPTV/OTT video delivery and playback across all screens: mobile, desktop, and traditional TV.

  • Mobile TV

    SPB TV helps Telcos and Broadcast players to rapidly launch mobile TV services and deliver compelling TV viewing experiences to their subscribers, wherever they are through they mobile phones and tablets.

  • Interactive TV

    Imagine TV as a responsive interactive environment where you can request and immediately get an additional data, take part in quizzes and contests and win a prize, order products and services on the one and only screen.

  • Content Store

    SPB TV helps broadcasters and content owners to deliver their live and VoD TV channels to the world audience across multi-screen devices, and monetize the service through flexible subscription options and targeted commercials.